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Formula, Fluoride and Fluorosis..

Date: May 11, 2018 | Time: 11:16am | Posted By: (KiDDS Dental)

Formula, Fluoride and FluorosisEveryone agrees that the best source of nutrition for an infant is breast milk. The next best thing? Infant formula. However, despite its nutritional value, some types of infant formula have the potential to foster a condition known as dental fluorosis that involves changes in the appearance of the tooth's surface. The tooth enamel is degraded due to an overexposure to fluoride before teeth erupt. Generally, fluorosis is not noticeable; it usually shows up as little white.... <view entire article>

Date: May 1, 2018 | Time: 12:03pm | Posted By: (KiDDS Dental)

Mother's DAY? No way!We'll be celebrating mothers ALL WEEK on Facebookand one lucky winner will get a Kindle Fire HD 8 just for playing along.Look for a new way to enter to win each dayMay 6th through May 12th.Contest Rules:By entering this promotion, participant agrees to a complete release of Facebook from any or all liability in connection with this contest. It is also acknowledgment that the contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with,.... <view entire article>

Fluoride Toothpaste: Right for All Ages..

Date: April 27, 2018 | Time: 11:05am | Posted By: (KiDDS Dental)

Fluoride Toothpaste: Right for All AgesPlaque, a film of bacteria that forms daily on teeth and gums, can cause gum disease and tooth decay. Brushing with toothpaste helps remove plaque. But what kind of toothpaste is best for your child?Many toothpastes contain fluoride, a fluorine compound that also helps prevent tooth decay by inhibiting the loss of minerals from tooth enamel and encouraging remineralization of teeth. It also affects the bacteria that cause cavities by discouraging the acid attacks that.... <view entire article>

First Aid for Your Child's Tooth Injury..

Date: April 13, 2018 | Time: 10:58am | Posted By: (KiDDS Dental)

First Aid for Your Child's Tooth InjuryNearly half of all children suffer a tooth injury during childhood, most often from falls, traffic accidents, fighting and sports. Taking immediate action can help lead to a better outcome after treatment. Be prepared to tell us how and when the injury occurred. After Dr. Jared examines your child, he may recommend imaging, if necessary, to determine the extent of the injury and develop a treatment plan. Treatment varies depending on whether the injury.... <view entire article>

Fillings Don't Have to Be Noticeable..

Date: March 30, 2018 | Time: 10:53am | Posted By: (KiDDS Dental)

Fillings Don't Have to Be NoticeableAlthough parents don't want to hear that their child needs a dental filling, restorations are often necessary to treat a tooth that has experienced decay. This simple procedure restores your child's tooth to its normal shape and function.Today, dentists have options when it comes to selecting what material to use for fillings. While metal amalgam has been used to fill teeth for more than a century, we increasingly use tooth-colored composite resins for this procedure.The.... <view entire article>

Kentucky Derby Hat Contest 2018..

Date: March 22, 2018 | Time: 2:20pm | Posted By: (KiDDS Dental)

The KiDDS Dental 2018 Kentucky Derby Hat Contest Rules Facebook in no way endorses or promotes this contest. It is solely promoted by KiDDS Dental. Win a lunch for your team! Participate in the KiDDS Dental Kentucky Derby Hat Contest!How to participate . . .1. Contact to reserve your official KiDDS Dental Kentucky Derby Hat. 2. Decorate your hat.3. Take a digital picture of your hat and email it to, making sure to note.... <view entire article>

Guard Your Child's Mouth During Sports..

Date: March 16, 2018 | Time: 12:19pm | Posted By: (KiDDS Dental)

Guard Your Child's Mouth During SportsDoes your child participate in a contact sport such as football, boxing, hockey, lacrosse or rugby? If so, you can greatly reduce the risk of traumatic injury to your child's mouth by having him or her wear a mouthguard while playing and practicing. In fact, experts recommend mouthguards for youth involved in noncontact sports, such as gymnastics or recreational activities, that might pose a risk of injury to the mouth.Also known as a gum shield,.... <view entire article>

Exterminating Sugar Bugs..

Date: March 2, 2018 | Time: 11:46am | Posted By: (KiDDS Dental)

Exterminating Sugar BugsHas your child ever asked you if there are "sugar bugs" in their food? If they have, chances are they have recently been given a lesson on plaque. "Sugar bugs" are a popular teaching tool used by dentists to help children learn about the dangers of plaque. Children are easily confused by discussions of "invisible films of food particles and bacteria that latch on their teeth," but they are certainly aware of bugs and that they don't want.... <view entire article>

Expecting? Mom's Healthier Mouth Means a Healthier Child..

Date: February 16, 2018 | Time: 11:42am | Posted By: (KiDDS Dental)

Expecting? Mom's Healthier Mouth Means a Healthier ChildKeeping teeth and gums healthy is always important, yet many pregnant women ignore dental visits as they become wrapped up in other health care demands of pregnancy. Disregarding regular dental care during pregnancy poses risks not only to the mother but also to the child she's carrying.Research has indicated a possible link between gum disease in pregnant women and low birth weight, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia and preterm birth. While those relationships have not.... <view entire article>

Floss Madness 2018..

Date: February 15, 2018 | Time: 1:00pm | Posted By: (KiDDS Dental)

Facebook in no way endorses or promotes this contest. It is solely promoted by KiDDS Dental. The Rules: KiDDS Dental's Floss Madness Bracket Contest begins February 15, 2018 and ends March 13, 2018. By submitting a bracket, each entrant agrees to the rules and states that they are 18 years or older. Who may enter: Adults 18 years or older are eligible to complete a bracket. KiDDS Dental will determine the eligibility of.... <view entire article>

Every Six Months: The Importance of Routine Dental Care..

Date: February 2, 2018 | Time: 11:39am | Posted By: (KiDDS Dental)

Every Six Months: The Importance of Routine Dental CareMost children need to be seen by a dentist at least every six months for regular cleanings and checkups. Good oral health requires professional cleaning and observation, especially as children grow. It can be difficult for little children to learn to brush properly, and older children and teens may engage in habits like chewing sugary gum or candy that can lead to plaque build-up. And even the best brushers and flossers can't.... <view entire article>

Emergency Dental Help: Always Available..

Date: January 19, 2018 | Time: 11:27am | Posted By: (KiDDS Dental)

Emergency Dental Help: Always AvailableIt's Murphy's Law of Parenthood: Your child's teeth will be fine until our office has closed for the day. So what should you do when it's 9 p.m. and your kindergartner cracks a tooth, your son suddenly complains of terrible pain from an unrecognized infection or your teenage daughter breaks her braces?In some cases, a hospital emergency room will be your best bet. Jaw fractures or serious cuts to the mouth that require immediate medical care.... <view entire article>

Drink Well While Protecting Your Child's Tooth Enamel..

Date: January 5, 2018 | Time: 11:23am | Posted By: (KiDDS Dental)

Drink Well While Protecting Your Child's Tooth Enamel"If you're thirsty, drink orange juice rather than soda." You've probably said that more than once to your child. But did you know that too much citrus juice can actually harm the enamel coating on your child's teeth? It is true, but that does not mean your child should avoid orange juice and other citrus altogether. It simply means that he or she needs to take a couple of steps to make sure.... <view entire article>

Don't Give Your Baby Tooth Decay..

Date: December 22, 2017 | Time: 11:19am | Posted By: (KiDDS Dental)

Don't Give Your Baby Tooth DecayAre cavities contagious? You may be surprised to learn that tooth decay in babies often begins with germs passed from adult to child. Babies are born without the bacteria that cause cavities; if your infant has been infected with those germs, you could be the cause.Cavity-causing bacteria can be passed to a child through the saliva of an adult, usually the primary caregiver, who has tooth decay. A study in the journal Pediatric Dentistryfound that.... <view entire article>

Don't Give Dental Injuries a Sporting Chance..

Date: December 8, 2017 | Time: 11:16am | Posted By: (KiDDS Dental)

Don't Give Dental Injuries a Sporting ChanceAthletic activities bestow many benefits on growing children. They can be good for children's health and social lives, while helping to teach them important lessons that will be valuable long beyond childhood. Unfortunately, without proper precautions, many sports pose dangers to a child's teeth-more sports than you might think.The American Dental Association lists 29 sports for which people of any age should wear mouthguards. In addition to expected sports such as skateboarding and martial.... <view entire article>

KiDDS Dental 2017 Elf on the Shelf Photo contest!..

Date: December 7, 2017 | Time: 12:04pm | Posted By: (KiDDS Dental)

KiDDS Dental's 2017 Elf on the Shelf Photo ContestFacebook in no way endorses or promotes this contest. It is solely promoted by KiDDS Dental.The Rules: KiDDS Dental's Elf on the Shelf photo contest begins Dec 26, 2017 and ends Jan 2, 2018. By submitting a photo, each entrant agrees to the rules and states that they are 18 years or older. Who may enter: Adults 18 years or older are eligible to submit a photo. .... <view entire article>

Don't Delay on a Dental Abscess..

Date: November 24, 2017 | Time: 11:12am | Posted By: (KiDDS Dental)

Don't Delay on a Dental AbscessAny time your child suffers from more than momentary or very mild tooth pain, you should strongly consider seeing Dr. Jared right away. That suggestion becomes a hard-and-fast rule in the case of a potential dental or periodontal abscess, which will likely cause your child significant pain and may be visible as a pus-filled "pimple" on the gum.An abscess is caused by a bacterial infection that, if left untreated, can affect more than just the.... <view entire article>

Does Your Child Have "Dentist Visit Anxiety"?..

Date: November 10, 2017 | Time: 11:06am | Posted By: (KiDDS Dental)

Does Your Child Have "Dentist Visit Anxiety"?When it is time to visit the dentist, many children are fearful and anxious. Some of these fears are derived from previous experiences, such as having received a shot or having had a tooth drilled or extracted. Others are often based on anxieties about the unknown and what might happen. Even when previous visits haven't resulted in discomfort, many children find the sounds and sights, such as loud drills and suction machines, sharp metal.... <view entire article>

Great Candy Buy Back 2017 Top Ten..

Date: October 31, 2017 | Time: 10:27am | Posted By: (KiDDS Dental)

The Top Ten Reasons to join us onNovember 1st between 4 and 8 PM . . .10. $1 per pound for children's leftover Halloween candy Event underwritten by Banner Bank. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Candy must be factory wrapped. No pixy stix, please. 9. Opportunities to win tickets to our upcoming movie eventYou could be one of the first in Spokane to see "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" with the KiDDS Dental Team!8. Dr. Scott Ralph's team.... <view entire article>

KiDDS Dental takes you to the movies . . . ..

Date: October 30, 2017 | Time: 3:00pm | Posted By: (KiDDS Dental)

KiDDS Dental IntroducesStar Wars: The Last JediDecember 14, 2017Regal CinemasSpokane Valley MallTo qualify for tickets you may:Share with us your children's Halloween costumes! Email your picture to by November 2nd at noon. We'll be posting the picture to our Facebook page. The picture with the most votes earns two tickets to the movie.Guess how much weight we'll bring in at our 10th Annual Great Candy Buy Back. Click here to be taken directly to the post.... <view entire article>